2019 Application

The application round for 2019 will close at 5:00pm on July 31, 2019.

All potential applicants are encouraged to review our Mission, Vision, and Application Guidelines.


2018 Application

Just Pax Fund application for 2018
  • Please submit a brief summary of the proposed project/initiative providing an explanation for how the project meets one or more of the three purpose goals of the JustPax Fund. Max 2,000 characters.
  • Provide a brief overview of the organization you will be working with and a description of how you and your organizational programming and mission correspond to the JustPax Fund goals. Max 2,000 characters.
  • Provide a succinct description of the issues, challenges, and opportunities you are working to engage. State, with specific emphasis, your novel and innovative approach, voice or method of engagement toward gender, environmental, or economic justice. Share in brief supporting narrative, statistical or other demographic or geographic information that will help frame your project proposal. Max 3,500 characters.
  • State the goals, objectives, methodologies and/or strategies of the project/initiative and proposed corresponding activities. Describe the intended outcomes and impact of the project. List the key personnel involved, the projected term or length of the project (not more than 3 years), and a brief schedule for completion. State the methods that will be used to evaluate outcomes, impact, and the experience of the project overall. Max 3,500 characters.
  • Please list the Dollar Amount Requested from JustPax Fund:
  • What is the name of the qualifying tax-exempt organization (501(c)3) that will manage the funds for this project?
  • Please list additional funding received and/or pending in connection with this project:
  • Please upload a budget that lists how the requested funds will be spent. Include and identify funds which are provided from other funding sources for the project. File should be formatted as a .pdf
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • The Application Guidelines state that a priority of the JustPax Fund is to support projects with a Multiplier Effect -- the ability to engage, activate, or catalyze other partners or initiatives in the movement toward justice. In what ways does your project leverage and amplify JustPax Funding to affect the broader movement toward gender, environmental, or economic justice? Max 1,000 characters.
  • The Application Guidelines state that the JustPax Fund prioritizes proposals that "create innovative and replicable initiatives that transform paradigms of oppression....Examples of transformative rather than reactive proposals include but are by no means limited to alternative economic systems that reward sustainable rather than extractive practices, community engagement strategies that elevate marginalized groups into leadership roles, and initiatives that transform our participation in systems of oppression or injustice." In what specific way is your proposal truly novel or transformative? Max 1,000 characters.
  • Please provide two (2) reference letters that discuss the merits of the project proposal and the applicant’s proven ability to bring projects to successful completion. Files should be in PDF format.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please acknowledge your understanding and agreement that, if your organization is awarded a JustPax Fund grant, a condition of that award will be the submission of a short progress report on the successful use of those funds, due approximately one year after your receipt of the grant award.
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