The JustPax Fund provides financial and logistical support to individuals and organizations working for effective change in the realms of gender justice, environmental justice, and economic justice. Through monetary grants, JustPax invests in projects and initiatives that that not only ameliorate the effects of environmental, economic or gender-based injustice, but also create innovative and replicable pathways to transforming old systems of oppression while empowering those affected to create more sustainable and vibrant alternatives. The JustPax Fund seeks to create space for critical inquiry, generate awareness, and promote solutions to the many complex societal challenges facing our global community. The JustPax Fund seeks to bolster the capacity of passionate and creative agents for change by providing the financial resources necessary for their work.

Foundation and Focus

Molded by the values of the Anabaptist and Believer’s Church Tradition that embrace service, justice, tolerance, mutuality, and religious liberty, the JustPax Fund holds a preferential interest in proposals from individuals and organizations who share in these values. While maintaining an interest in this constituency, the JustPax Fund welcomes all proposals from applicants who embody a philosophy in unison with our vision and mission. Ultimately, the JustPax Fund seeks to support projects that will offer exceptional benefits to the present and future global community, rooted in a spirit of compassion, awareness, and a desire for justice in the realms of gender, environment, and economic relations.


The JustPax Fund is a donor-advised fund administered by Everence Charitable Services Harrisonburg office through the Everence affiliate, Mennonite Foundation.

Advisory Board

The JustPax Fund’s Advisory Board sets the funding priorities of the JustPax Fund, reviews applications on an annual basis, and makes the final recommendations regarding fund distributions. It is comprised of the following volunteer members:

Benjamin W. Redekop is Professor of Leadership Studies at Christopher Newport University.

Celeste R. Thomas has served in the fields of social work, counseling and higher education for twenty plus years. She received Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science degrees from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. She serves as the Director of Multicultural Student Services at Eastern Mennonite University

Fred Redekop is the Chairperson of the JustPax Fund Advisory Board, as well as of Professor of Counselor Education and Student Affairs at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Jessica Craven is an activist and organizer who focuses on climate change and LGBTQ+ rights. She also publishes the Substack Newsletter “Chop Wood, Carry Water Daily Actions.”

Katarina Redekop is a graduate student at Randolph-Macon College in the physician assistant studies program. She received a Bachelor of Science in biology from Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked as an emergency medical technician since 2018. .

Lisa Redekop is a business executive at Gartner, Inc. where she has worked both nationally and internationally over the past 30 years.  She brings a passion to the Board for solving complex societal and gender issues — one manageable step at a time at the local level.  Lisa lives in Portland Oregon with her husband, son and daughter.

Teresa Boshart Yoder serves as Managing Director for Everence Financial Advisors, passionately helping congregations and nonprofit organizations with stewardship education and charitable planning needs, and helping individuals create charitable giving plans in line with their faith and values.


Inquires for the JustPax Fund may be directed to:

Teresa Boshart Yoder
JustPax Fund
841 Mt. Clinton Pike
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802

Phone: 540-437-7422
Email: teresa.boshartyoder@everence.com