Mid-Year Reports are Due August 1st

We ask that all grant recipients who meet at least one of the following criteria submit mid-year grant reports by August 1st of each year: 

Multi-Year Projects must submit mid-year reports by 8/1 of their first and second year, demonstrating progress towards goal completion. While not as extensive as a new funding application, this mid-year report demonstrates that the project is being actively and responsibly managed, and will unlock the second and/or third year funding that was originally authorized for your project. Please note that in your award’s final year, you will need to submit a Final Report by December 31st.

All New Grant Applicants with Active Projects: If you are applying for a new JustPax Fund grant this year AND you have an active grant project currently being implemented, please send us a mid-year report to tell us how your current JustPax Fund project is proceeding. This mid-year report will accompany your current grant application and provide the grant review committee a more complete picture of your success with administering your current grant award. This requirement applies to both single and multi-year grant recipients.

We thank you for your timely submission and for the quality and effort of your work.



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