The application round for 2020 will close at 5:00pm on August 1, 2020.

All potential applicants are encouraged to review our Mission, Vision, and Application Guidelines.


2020 Application

  • Proposed Project

  • Which of the following does your application seek to advance? Please check all that apply.
  • Please describe the project for which you are seeking funding. What is the scope of work you are undertaking, and in what ways will your efforts result in greater gender, environmental, and economic justice? Why is your organization uniquely suited to this effort?
  • Our funding priorities state: "Beyond addressing the effects of economic, environmental, and gender injustice, qualifying activities create innovative and replicable initiatives that transform paradigms of oppression. These initiatives provide real-world examples of non-extractive economic activity, environmental systems that harmonize human and non-human activities, and social systems of respect and just governance." In what ways does your proposal invert systems of oppression and/or create alternative systems build on real justice?
  • Proposals are encouraged to reflect the importance of interdisciplinary engagement. Please outline the ways in which diverse voices will be identified and included during project implementation.
  • What are the projected impacts of this project? In what ways will that impact be felt beyond the proposed year of funding? How does this project advance a long-term vision?
  • In what ways do the past activities, partnerships, and work of the applicant demonstrate a long-term commitment to engage in this justice area? In what ways does the proposal make efficient use of the requested funds for strategic impact today?
  • Funding Request

  • Please upload a pdf document showing how the requested funds will be spent. Please also include a description of any other revenue streams (grants, donations, etc) associated with your project and a notation as to whether these funds have been fully secured.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • All applicants who receive JustPax Funding will be required to complete a written report at the conclusion of their first year, outlining the successes, challenges, and lessons learned from their project. Please check that you understand this requirement and consent to complete the report when requested.
  • Letters of Support

  • Please upload at least two letters of support for your application from partner organizations.
    Drop files here or
  • Past Applicant?

  • If you have previously received funding from the JustPax Fund, please tell us (a) what year(s) funding was received; (b) the current status of your funded project, including its impacts, challenges, successes, and lessons learned; and (c) explain how your current application builds on or departs from prior year funding. Past grant recipients considering a subsequent grant application MUST have submitted a final report on the results of previously funded projects.
  • Submit