Thank you for considering applying for a JustPax Fund grant for gender, economic, and environmental justice. 

All interested applicants are encouraged to read the JustPax Fund Vision statement, to review prior years’ funded projects, and to follow the general application guidelines below.


General Application Guidelines

The JustPax Fund provides financial and logistical support to individuals and organizations working for effective change in the realm of gender justice, environmental justice, and/or economic justice. Through monetary grants, JustPax invests in projects and initiatives that bring innovative and novel approaches to justice advocacy, research, and implementation.

The JustPax Fund welcomes proposals that seek to create space for critical inquiry, generating awareness, and promoting solutions to some of the most complex societal challenges facing the global community. The JustPax Fund seeks to bolster the capacity of passionate and creative agents for change by providing the financial resources necessary for their work.

The JustPax Fund donors are adherents of the Believer’s Church tradition and welcome proposals that address gender, environmental, and economic justice as applicable or relevant to that tradition. Applications stemming from other faith traditions and belief systems are also welcome.


Funding Priorities

Applications for funding received by the JustPax Fund are prioritized according to the Fund’s vision, mission and eligibility criteria. Proposals which achieve the highest rank on the following criteria will be most eligible for a consideration of support:

1. Breadth: The degree to which the proposal has the potential to stimulate interest in the larger community on the topic.

2. The Multiplier Effect: The degree to which the proposal has the potential to engage other resources for the wider continuation of the project. What are the projected repercussions of the project? Is the proposed impact of the project clearly outlined and justified?

3. Relevance: The degree to which the proposal demonstrates relevance to the area of interest (i.e. gender justice, environmental justice, economic justice) and the applicant’s ability to articulate how the project would support innovative and catalytic approaches to the issue.

4. Dedication: The degree to which the applicant(s) of the proposal show their personal interest and commitment to the issue. What are the past activities, interests, and demonstrated bodies of work of the applicant(s)? Is there a long-term commitment to engage in this project area?

5. Stewardship and Impact of Investment: The degree to which the project makes efficient and effective use of  the requested funds to achieve far-reaching results. Does the proposal and budget demonstrate that it can legitimately support the request?


Strategic Approaches

We seek applications that utilize the following strategic approaches to addressing injustice: 

Novel and Innovative

Activities must be novel and innovative in nature – creating social space for new conversations, strategies, and partnerships – where proposals are oriented toward new and creative approaches to inquiry, engagement, and action.

Beyond addressing the effects of economic, environmental, and gender injustice, qualifying activities create innovative and replicable initiatives that transform paradigms of oppression. These initiatives provide real-world examples of non-extractive economic activity, environmental systems that harmonize human and non-human activities, and social systems of respect and just governance. Examples of transformative rather than reactive proposals include but are by no means limited to alternative economic systems that reward sustainable rather than extractive practices, community engagement strategies that elevate marginalized groups into leadership roles, and initiatives that transform our participation in systems of oppression or injustice.

Interdisciplinary and Action Oriented

Proposals from applicants across a wide and diverse range of experiences and realities, disciplines and vocations are encouraged. Proposals are encouraged to reflect the importance of interdisciplinary engagement. Proposals should outline the ways in which diverse voices will be identified and included during project implementation. Research and project proposals are encouraged to be oriented towards practical applications, and/or the potential for impact is clearly demonstrated.

Open & Accessible

Grants are open and accessible to all qualifying individuals and organizations including, but not limited to: artists, social entrepreneurs, students, teachers, engineers, pastors, professors, poets, scientists, writers, farmers, economists, activists, dreamers, peacebuilders, and individuals and organizations within universities and colleges, mission societies, professional associations, or church agencies, etc. All individuals who possess a passion for justice and have a plan for confronting the most urgent injustices surrounding gender, the environment, and/or the economy are encouraged to apply. Grant applicants shall not be limited to specific academic disciplines, church and para-church agencies, or their paradigms.


Additional Eligibility Criteria 

Fiscal Agency & Tax Exempt Status:

Eligible applicants must be associated with a USA qualified tax exempt organizations under regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service in order to receive funds. The JustPax Fund cannot provide funding directly to individuals or organizations without USA tax exempt status.

JustPax Without Borders:

Recognizing the potential for funding across national borders, the JustPax Advisory Board may consider grants made to organizations sourced outside the United States, so long as the recipient is associated with a USA tax exempt organization.



The JustPax Fund discourages applications for the following types of needs (the list is meant to be suggestive but not exhaustive):

-Funding for operational phases of established programs, salaries or institutional benefits.

-Partisan political activities and actions that lobby for specific legislation.

-Tuition assistance (i.e. K-13, undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies).

-In general, the Just Pax Fund discourages applications that have a budget heavily reliant on air travel.

-Annual fundraising drives, endowments, development campaigns, honorary functions, or similar projects.

-Projects that do not conform to the general guidelines listed above.