Research on domestic abuse among Latina, homeless and conservative Mennonite women earns JustPax grant


Photo by Michael Sheeler.

The JustPax Fund is pleased to share some early press coverage of one of our 2014 grant recipients — the “Silent Violence Project” headed by Carolyn Stauffer at Eastern Mennonite University.

The full story is available online here. The project was awarded $10,200 from the JustPax Fund in order to create space to listen to the voices of marginalized women in traditionally religious, homeless, and immigrant communities who have been or are victims of domestic violence.

From the article: “Vocalizing the silence is an important and restorative component of this study…We are using a strengths-based approach and want to build on and help surface the assets and resilient strategies these women have been developing. They are obviously surviving and going on with their lives. So what can they teach us about the strategies they are using, and the relationships and social support networks they are building?” says Carolyn Stauffer, PhD.

We wish Dr. Stauffer and her project all the best over the coming months.